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Attract a Life you Love 


I'm a Love Mindset Coach. I help single women stop feeling confused and doubtful when it comes to love so they can live a life they love.

In 2010, a panic attack left me baffled as to how life had become unfulfilling. I seemed to have it all; in love, beautiful home, passport full of stamps, and a corporate job in Boston. Being unhappy didn’t sum it up entirely; I was over-tired, overwhelmed, and overworked. I was in a relationship where the high's were high and the low's were so low that I questioned how did I get here.


All I wanted was to be happy and to be loved. 

I thought that if I was in love, it would cure my uncertainty: what's my purpose in life, financial insecurities, and who I was meant to be with?


I ended that relationship and began dating without guidance. I was lost, confused and frustrated. Asking myself: Are all the good guys taken? 

I read books on dating, compared what I was doing to friends relationships, and tried all the rules from waiting to text him to being a b*tch and ended up more confused than before.

As I began to shift my thoughts, beliefs and acts around love, I shared my experiences with like-minded women and began to see massive results in myself and these women. I realized my painful past has lead me to help others attract a life they love, today.

Through 1-to-1 coaching, the intention is to share experiences, actively listen and receive trusted guidance to help you follow your heart and to be happier in love.

Do you want to live a better life? One that is more fulfilling and allows love in with a level of ease and certainty you can trust?


Try asking yourself...


  • Feeling unlovable and lonely?

  • Relying on his affection (text/call/sext) to feel good about yourself? 

  • Questioning whether you will ever be in love or will you have to go it alone?

  • Consistently putting in the effort and feeling bad about yourself because he isn't?

  • Not being asked out on that date?

  • Asking did I say/do something that's preventing him from acting the way I want him to?


  • Live a life you love & stop questioning yourself?

  • Make decisions about love, free of self-doubt?

  • Fall in love with a committed & trusted partner who's transparent & makes you feel calm & confident?

  • Strengthen your intuition to guide you in love?

  • Say good-bye to emotional stress, doubt & uncertainty?

  • Build healthy thoughts & positive actions to help navigate life's ups & downs?

  • Define what being happy means to you & live it with ease!

Still thinking you can do this on your own?



LIVE a life you LOVE 


Summit of Love




We’re a community of women who strive to trust in ourselves, be kind to others and attract a life we love.

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